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175 East, may 14, auckland

it was pretty good 🙂

it usually is

I liked the underground gallery venue too. It seemed appropriate to be in a bunker with all the plebs sqealing their tyres and sirens going on outside.

First gig – tick

Played my first ever solo gig at the Wine Cellar last week. Only did 3 songs to an audience of a couple of dozen, but that was what I was aimimg for for first time around. I thought it went pretty well.

Was also pleased to find poet David Merrit on the same card, seeing as we go a long way back….grotty, mouldy flats in Moray Place in Dunedin, about 1985/86 give or take a bit.

Bit by bit….

Horribly unprofessional I know, but the web site is being developed in public rather than behind the scenes. Hence the themes and content will be cranky until I settle on something I like and can manage. But if I do it properly nothing will ever hit the web….

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