Microphone Shootout (in a very minor way)

I’ve been trying out some microphones courtesy of Nigel at Oceania Audio.

I’m looking for a good dynamic mic, as my condensers all seem to have an annoying low level crackle, which I put down to Auckland’s humid conditions. Dynamics don’t have that problem as they don’t conduct between the capsule plates.  Semi-scientific experiments storing the condensers in the hot water cupboard continue…..in the meantime, Nigel has been very helpful and it is great to get a few famous dynamics and try them out side by side.

FWIW, I’m quite keen on the EV RE20 (very smooth I thought) and Heil PR35  (cuts through a mix nicely), less so the Sure SM7 (just didn’t spin my wheels). I tried a budget ribbon, but there was not enough top end, not enough room in my music for that.

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