Some new VST’s

The Slate Digital VST’s have become part and parcel of my mixing now, and have helped me make a significant improvement. In particular, ummm, all of them…the virtual consoles, the bus compressors, the tape emulation, the mastering compressor. I even bought the drum trigger thing as well, and its pretty handy.


AB Magic from Samplemagic is also proving worthwhile, especially considering the poor monitoring environment of the home studio. It lets you load up 9 different reference songs on the mix bus and switch between them and you mix. Trim sliders let you balance volumes so you don’t get suckered in by the “louder = better” mistake. Recommended.


Although I have downloaded the latest VoS plugins, I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. Doubtless the Slick EQ is good, and the odd looking Slick HDR will require a bit of work to get to grips with.

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