A Good Week For Music in Auckland

First up we had the Jack Body “tribute” evening at the Auckland University Music Department, which was a varied and enjoyable night out. Then a couple of days later the NZSO with a newly commissioned Jack Body piece, Sculthorpe’s Memento Mori, and Gorecki’s Symphony 3 (the strangely popular Symphony of Sorrowful Souls) – a decent program for a change, no fur-brigade pleasers! Perhaps we are the new  fur brigade.


Then tonight, Peter Brotzmann playing at Silo 6, which is a literally a collection of concrete grain silos. Not great from a viewing perspective but we managed to have a good view of the man for most of the performance, and the  lengthy reverb made a nice change. About an hour of pretty enjoyable stuff and 10 minutes of utterly astonishing slow intensity, where he seemed to find what he had previously been searching for.


And next week, more NZSO, with Lyell Cresswell, I imagine as with Jack Body, for his 70th birthday.

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