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there must be better things to do

Lord help me now I need to spend my time making & integrating a facebook page. To say nothing of twitter, reverbnation, tunecore etc etc

diabolical mastering

ok, so I’m showing my age here – I bought the new Echo and the Bunnymen cd “Meteorites” – and have a new addition to the “worst mastering ever” list. Not compression from hell this time (as was the case with their last one, The Fountain).


This time it is ear shredding upper mids. It is like at mastering they have run a parallel feed, boosted the hell out of 4k +/ 3k and mixed it back in. It is unlistenable. In Foobar2000, I have had to make an eq that dips between 3-7k by up to 3dB. Then it sounds ok!


Madness. Do they think this will help with iPod listening…y’know, where it is already bandwidth restricted and mostly mids..?!

aiming for the stage

Well, I know that throwing music out there to be swept away by the long tail is a pretty pointless exercise, and I miss the smell of stale beer on the stage floor. So, to follow up on my groundbreaking solo performance to 6 people 4 years ago (it was groundbreaking for me), I have roped a friend into playing bass and we have started working on performing these things. Drummer and keyboard player required….else we’ll just have to use loops.


Initial goals are simple – 4 or 5 songs at UFO, and we’ll take it from there. Past experience tells us to manage expectations. Downwards!

EP #1 nearly done

It has always been my intention to make a series of 4-song EP’s. The inspiration for this is “Fourth Drawer Down”, a collection of singles and oddments by The Associates. It is one of my favourite things.


In the 80’s there were numerous local (NZ) releases that were near perfect in that format but would have been spoiled by attempts to stretch out to an LP. It is a “size” that is manageable for a bedroom/hobby musician – I can and do spend plenty of time on it to get everything to a point where I am happy, but I imagine if I put that effort into 12 songs I would go mad.


So I like EP’s.

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