in memory of peter gutteridge

I have added a song for Peter Gutteridge, a Dunedin musician who died on Monday September 15 2014.

I knew Peter over a period of about 15 years when I lived in Dunedin. His music has been quite influential on mine. In particular, you should be able to spot drones, repeating riffs, simple fuzzy leads and distorted organs laced throughout my songs. Peter had a view that you should always be able to sustain a single note throughout a song, and that everything could revolve around that.

On they surface of it these are characteristics of many bands but they combine in a unique and visionary way with Peter’s most well known band Snapper, one of those never-heard-by-the-populace but enormously-influential-across-the-world bands.

I chose to say my piece in a song, others are better writers:

Honor Harger – Farewell Peter Gutteridge

Grant McDougall – In Tribute: Peter Gutteridge and the Hypnotic Groove

Ian Henderson – Universe of Love by Peter Gutteridge

Andrew Geddis – He’s just one of those people born in the wrong time

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