LittleBits modular synth

The LittleBits modular synth is a great little plaything. It runs from a 9 volt battery, and comes as a dozen or so components – oscillators, mixer, filters, random voltage generator, delay, arpeggiator, keyboard, speaker etc – that are connected by magnetic contacts. These are embedded in the plastic end-blocks you can see in the picture. So to try something different, or reorder modules, you simply pull them apart and snap them together in a different order.

I’ve had it fora wee while, but have only just started fiddling around. Highly recommended, makes a nice change from software VST synths. Should feature on some recordings soon.

CIS synth

The Circuits in Seconds modular synth

and hopefully before the end of 2014, a midi module so it can be played from a keyboard or DAW…..

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