RIP Sam Prebble

Our friend Sam Prebble has died. Sam took his own life, and no-one understands why. We are defenceless in the face of something as utterly incomprehensible as it is true.

Sam was a gifted musician – multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, intrepid and enthusiastic performer and tourer. He played in numerous bands – Bond St Bridge, The Explorers Club:Antarctica, Bitter Years, Mermaid and Mariner, The Broken Heartbreakers, with Reb Fountain and with Dylan Storey, and many variants of each. He was one of the sharpest guys I have ever known.

For Emily, and Sam’s family, we hope that our shared grief will help them. There are no answers here. Together, we stumble on; bewildered, inarticulate and wounded by the world we live in.

RIP, Sam.

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