New song released, for my friends…..

Thanks to Rach & John of the Broken Heartbreakers for BV’s.

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Irvine is a skinny, self absorbed wretch
propping up the wine cellar wall
shrouded in a stinking, tan leather coat
wrongly wearing, corduroy couture

his face, of course, is porcelain white
a tattooed tear falls from his left eye
he looks at you like – you missed every point
his first book of poems is on sale at the door

who would have thought?

he’s written, doubtless – countless great songs
for untuned, one sting guitar
exemplar of the free noise scene
great walls of sound! – doesn’t bother to sing,

who would have thought?

Irvine looked me square in the eye
told me he thinks he’s paid a fair price
he said
will definitely come,
the question is whether
for all or for some

who would have thought?

Irvine embraced ambient glitch
whacked out on z80 bleeps
4 track cassettes and the Sheffield thing
sampling noise from the earliest neve’s.

who would have thought?
for the luck of the draw
there do I walk


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