Sonic Disasters

Well, I have my reference recordings if I want to get something right. But there are references at the other end of the spectrum too.


Top of the list in my sonic hall of shame, at least for the genre’s I listen to:


  •  Two entries for Echo and the Bunnymen! The Fountain aka “Killed by Compressors”. But wait…..?! Meteorites is worse! “Killed by ear threatening hi-mid EQ boosts”


  • The Go-Betweens – Oceans Apart (2005). The fact that they are one of my favourite bands just makes it a really bitter pill. If you can’t hear the chronic digital distortion on this you need to embark on some critical listening training. If you hear it and still enjoy the music I’d really, really like you to tell me how to do that. The GB’s get a (dis)honorable mention for some of the weirdest recordings in general, particularly their drum machine travesties and the bass-light 16 Lovers Lane.
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